New arrival

A friend from the north

Autumn has also arrived in the north. Best time to go into nature and enjoy it, before everything turns to golden yellow. A new little friend would be your companion in it and you find other great other Scandinavian accessories in the shop.


Swedish fabrics

Inspired by nature

For our textile products, we buy the dry goods from a Swedish family company, Arvidssons textile. They put the most lovely Swedish moments and the love of nature into their patterns and materialize them on a premium quality raw material. We produce all textile products based on your chosen pattern and form, directly after your order.

From Sweden with love

Passion for unique

Our hands lead by our heart and soul, when we create a product, therefore as two feelings couldn’t be the same, all of our products differ a bit.
These tiny imperfections make our every single handmade product unique and unrepeatable.
We offer the most Swedish goods, besides our handmade products to bring a real special moment into your life, from Sweden with love.


Made in Sweden

Swedish traditions

Sweden is the home of Scandinavian art, creativity and traditions. The beautiful nature and amazing artists turn the country into a fairy tale. Our mission is to pick the most lovely characters and moments from these hidden art workshops. We discover the most traditional or the small hidden treasures in the country to bring their products and a piece of Scandinavia into your home.

Scandinavian home

Life of Tree

The forest is the defining part of the Scandinavian landscape. The tree is the synonym of life and the heritage of northern culture. Wood is the most important and most frequently used raw material in northern life. Wood is the elemental part of people's life in Nordic countries.
We love all forms of nature, that’s why we also wanted to preserve the essence of nature in the form of our wooden toys and decorations. We create wood products from the raw material, by hand, with heart and soul.