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life in Sweden

Our Story

Everything started when we moved to Sweden in 2018. Sweden is enormously large, but we had found ourselves suddenly on a tiny, car-free island. The wonderful nature and the lovely people on our beloved island made those years a huge adventure for our family. Since then we are dedicated towards Swedish culture, clean Scandinavian design, the handmade culture and the histories of small traditional family businesses. 

Scandi life


We had inspired by the fascinating Swedish nature, culture and heritage. These motivated us to design and create our handmade products. We would like to give a bigger piece of northern days to you, therefore we combine our handcrafted products with real Scandinavian products. After a lot of investigation and experiment we carefully selected the favorite, best, most tasteful and real Scandinavian brands’ products for you. 




We make everything ourselves from purchasing the premium quality real Swedish raw materials, through preparation, manufacturing, finishing and packaging. Every design is inspired by the marvelous Scandinavian nature and the robust, clean Swedish design practice. Every product is developed by us and tested a lot to ensure the highest quality, long life durability and most user friendly solution in your everydays.



After 2.5 years islander life we moved to the middle of the agricultural center of Mid-Sweden to enjoy the farm life. From our new lovely home we have the opportunity to reach beautiful Swedish natural treasures easier and quicker. We will report our adventures and tell stories about other inspiring Scandinavian experiences on our blog.




If you are curious about anything, we hope you will find it in the FAQ. You are gladly welcome to contact us if you don't find the answer to your question there.

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