Dalahorse - From a toy to a worldwide known symbol

Due to Dalarna country being far from big cities and harbours it was a bit of an isolated area in Sweden in the XVII. century. Most of the people had worked in agriculture, therefore the winter time gave a lot of free time for the people, when mostly the older generation used to create smaller and bigger toys for the children. Seeing the infinite amount of trees, the most used raw material was the wood.

They carved a lot of animals and the most popular was the horse, since horses had a major role in alldays from work on fields to transportation. Besides horses, even other animals were part of the range like roosters and pigs.

A multigenerational small family business is still producing the most traditional form and pattern of handmade wooden horses. In Olsson´s family´s workshop at Nusnäs, they doing by hand all the production steps, what is open to visit and see, how a Dalahorse getting form from a wooden cube, trough carving to final finishing.

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