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Northerners can't wait for the Semla season to start after Christmas. This small cardamom bun filled with almond paste is the most popular sweet here. In the cold and dark of winter, a hearty sweet bun soaked in warm milk is good.

Ingredients For buns

25g of fresh yeast

125ml cold milk

80g granulated sugar

1 tsp. ground cardamom

1 medium egg

380g of flour

0.5 tsp salt

100g soft butter

Almond mass

100g whole almonds

100g granulated sugar

pinch of salt

100ml milk

On the top

1 egg

1 tsp. milk

whipped cream

Powder sugar


Crumble the yeast into a large bowl, then add the cold milk and stir to dissolve the yeast.

Add the sugar, the ground cardamom, and the egg, then mix it in as well. Little by little, start mixing in the flour, then the butter, and finally the salt. Then start kneading the dough until it is nice and smooth. Let the dough rest for 10-15 minutes.

Then pour the dough onto a board and start forming balls from it. It makes 8 100g dumplings. Place the dumplings on a baking sheet and let them rest for approx. For 80 minutes. Until then, preheat the oven to 200 degrees and beat an egg with a tablespoon of milk in a bowl.

After the dumplings have rested, brush them with the egg, then approx. Bake for 12-14 minutes until nicely browned.

While the buns are cooling after baking, prepare the almond mass. Mix 100g of almonds with 100g of granulated sugar, then add milk little by little until the right paste consistency is achieved. Then cut off the top of the buns and make a hole in the middle.

Add the hollowed-out bun to the almond paste. If necessary, add milk to the paste. Then fill the cavity of the bun with the filling. Beat the cream with a little powdered sugar and press it on top of the bun, then place the cut bun cap on top of the foam and eat it.

Many swedes serve it soaked in warm milk. You can also make vanilla cream inside the buns.

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