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Over the past year, homes have become more important than ever in our lives. In the north, the home has always been the most important place. Especially in winter, when it is dark and cold outside, there are warmth, lights, coziness, and intimacy inside.

We really love the houses and homes here in Scandinavia, that is why we wanted to share this coziness of the mood of these cute houses and the cottage collection was made. From Swedish pine, like northern cottages, in the four most common colors that are most characterizing Swedish houses and landscapes.

Red color

In the countryside, most of the homes, barns, and even garden toilets are red, the real Falun-red, which is almost part of national romance. A color that connects the whole of Sweden and with which they wanted to imitate the copper roofs of large European castles. We’ll talk more about this story in the next post because it’s very interesting since currently, our home is in the same color.

Yellow color

The yellow color wanted to remind people of the colors of castles in southern Europe, mostly in Italy. Since everyone had a red house when yellow appeared, they wanted to make the richer ones stand out with yellow. That is why original yellow houses were mansions or larger houses on the ranches in Sweden where the richer families and lords who ran the farmlands.

Green color

This color is not as common as house color, in exchange for the most common color in the Swedish landscape thanks to evergreen pine trees which turn green under dense snow in the white landscape. The little cottage in the deep of the woods blends in better with its surroundings if it is green in color.

Blue color

Blue is the color of the Bohuslän, or archipelago around Swedish coasts. The most often we can find blue houses here, instead of the dominating house color is the white in the archipelagos. The blue is inspired by the sea and nearly 100,000 lakes around the country.

Another common and also the first house colors were gray and brown. Brown as a color is still common today, especially in the north and near the Norwegian border, since dark-brown is one of the most common house colors in Norway.

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