• About the product

    Dalahorse is definitely the most Swedish decoration. You can find Dalahorses in close to all Swedish homes from the windows at the western coast, through cabinets in big city flats to the dining table all around the countryside. Swedish people love to use it as a real Swedish identity decoration, in all sizes, but yes mostly in red base colour. 

    This is the classic Dalahorse which is still made by hand by Nils Olsson in Nusnäs, Dalarna, Sweden. Nusnäs is one of the original villages where they made the very first Dalahorses.

    Due to the fact that they are made by hand, every single horse is unique. The most traditional Dalahorse has a red base colour and sparkling Kurbits pattern, that is why we offer this beauty in our webshop.

    All horses are finished in the well-known traditional shape, but all of them differ a bit in how the edges are finally carved. Besides all Dalahorses are painted by traditional Kurbits pattern, but due to all painters having their own style the actual colouring and style are never the same.

  • Dimensions

    Size of 13cm height Dalahorse: Height: 13cm, Length: 12cm, Width: 3.5cm

    Size of 17cm height Dalahorse: Height: 17cm, Length: 16cm, Width: 4.5cm

  • Additional information

    We always strive to keep a good stock from all Dalahorse products, but always feel free to contact us,  if you would like to order more than available just now or you are interested in a product that is temporary, not available.

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