Dalahorse Art Box

Dalahorse Art Box


  • About the product

    The painting for already carved Dalahorse patterns designed by old grandpas, who wanted to make a memorable toy for their grandchildren. They decorated the saddle with a Kurbits pattern to make the design more celebratory. The most traditional Dalahorse has a red base colour and sparkling Kurbits pattern. 

    Would you like to paint your own carved Dalahorse like hundreds of years ago? Would you like to choose another base colour? Would you like to paint your own pattern? Would you like to paint your Dalahorse with your own extraordinary art design? 

    If yes, then this set is arranged for you. Let your imagination fly free, independently you, your child, your beloved family member or your best Swedish enthusiast friend. 

  • Dimensions

    Carved horses are 10 and 7cm height

  • Additional information

    We always strive to keep a good stock from all Dalahorse products, but always feel free to contact us,  if you would like to order more than available just now or you are interested in a product that is temporary, not available.

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