Lavender Sachet (duo pack)

Lavender Sachet (duo pack)


  • About the product

    Lavender is a very common flower in Sweden, it is found all around the country in parks and homes. Lavender does not only bring a unique strong scent into the garden but even it is the favourite of the garden's most important insects, the bees. Our lavender pillow brings the scent of summer into your everyday life independently of the actual season.


    The lavender pillows have smooth inner pillows to ensure the easy replacement of the sachet. You can replace the lavender with dry flowers or put hot salt into it and use it as a demulcent on your kids’ ears. Thanks to the label, you can easily hang it onto a clothes hanger to fill up your wardrobe with the scent of summer.

    This is duo package, contains 2 pillows, each of them is filled with 10g dry lavender from our garden

  • Dimensions

    9 x 8cm


    The package contains 2 pillows, each of them is filled with 10g dry lavender from our garden

  • Used materials

    This product is available in several beautiful patterns. You can explore samples and details about all of our patterns on the Fabrics page. 


    For this product, we only offer the highest quality 100% cotton, OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified Arvidssons textile materials. The fabric itself is either soft and thick and very durable thanks to the close-textured 200g/m2 textile base.


    You can read more about our premium textiles and their handling in the FAQ.

  • Additional information

    The product's preparation time usually takes 2-4 days, but occasionally it could take up to 2 weeks, please consider it before place an order.

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