Softie animals set

Softie animals set


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    Get to know the cutest animals in Sweden! Now four of the most characteristic ones are here and they are ready for playing the tale of Swedish forest with you or become a lovely decoration on the shelf.

    The wolf lives in the southern parts of Sweden, along the Norwegian border, but very rarely pop up and become visible to humans.

    Reindeer are the most important animals in northern Sweden. They are the main driving elements of the life and culture of Sámi’s.

    The moose is the king of Sweden, nearly 400,000 are living throughout the country.

    The birds, be it the thrush, the buzzard, or the crow, they live with us everywhere around us and we live with them. They are important in the cycle of nature and it is very good that there a plenty of them in the north.

    The wolf, the reindeer, the moose, and the bird are all looking forward to having small hands play with them.

    The set consists of 4 small softie toys. They can be your kid’s best friends or cute decorations in your home.

  • Dimensions

    Between 5-13cm

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